Trusting that an attorney will keep your conversations confidential should be a given. The law prohibits any attorney from divulging what you say to him or her during the course of representation. But that doesn’t mean you will automatically feel comfortable telling them everything about your life right off the bat. No, you need to find someone you are comfortable talking to.

At the Law Office of A. Todd Kuhnen, we take the responsibility of confidentiality seriously, even under circumstances where someone else is paying the cost of your legal representation.  Regardless of who is paying, you are the client, and Mr. Kuhnen will never divulge any of the information your provide without your consent.

Being able to talk freely with your attorney is vital to your defense.  During a criminal case, it will be common for you and your attorney to have some pretty in depth discussions about your personal life. However, it would be unreasonable for anyone to think that you can have those types of discussions with someone you’ve just met . . . even if they’re your lawyer. No, in order to be able to speak freely with your attorney, you have to feel comfortable with them. That can only happen if you meet them in person.

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